Hello, my name is Julie Nichols.  I am a private-practice Academic Language Therapist, a Board Certified Cognition Specialist, an Autism Specialist, a Board Certified Telepractice Specialist, and a Certified Texas Teacher with 25+ years of experience both as an educator and as a parent who has raised two sons with developmental/learning disabilities. I serve private school, homeschooled, and public school students.  I am teaching remotely through Zoom with a physical office at my home located at 15107 Cog Hill, Selma TX 78154 as an additional option.
 Although a diagnosis is not required at first for my services, screening assessments are completed, and diagnostic referrals are made if needed and with  permission from the parents.

My Autism, Cognition, and Telepractice Certifications are  through IBCCES, The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Services which is recognized by the Autism Society. My husband and I have successfully raised a son with Autism and another with ADHD/LD who are now in college and working.  This success required years of specialized therapy, tutors, a lot of faith, and family collaboration.


Training for Academic Language plus Dyslexia Therapy Licensure requires a master’s degree plus 700 hours of internship, 200 hours of hands-on instruction at the graduate level, 10 demonstration videos, many assignments based on the Orton-Gillingham approach (Alphabetic Phonics) the science of reading, writing, and spelling), a national exam, and application for licensure to the state of Texas.


My Texas teaching credentials are through SBEC, the State Board of Educator Certification. 
 Each student's needs, length of time to see me, and number of sessions per week are different which equate to varied established rates.   I also actively collaborate with doctors and other professionals at the parent request as part of my service to your child. 

By parent request, I can offer references of families who have known me for years. 


 I offer remote services by Zoom and in-person services at my home office.


Fees vary from $35-$50/hour depending on various factors. 

Please email to or text to 210-459-0641 to inquire about Academic services. I will call you the same day.